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A few years ago, Jannie moved to Minnesota to be closer to her son. He had lived in the area for a few years and told Jannie about the abundance of job opportunities. She was eager to explore the job market, but worried her disability would limit employment options. With decades of experience in clerical work, Jannie had a variety of skills. She just needed an opportunity to apply them.

This is Vicki

Vicki’s organization needed an experienced employee to fill an open clerical position. After struggling to find someone that fit the requirements, Vicki contacted Hireable. Hirable recommended Jannie based on her skills and experience related to the position. Soon after, Vicki interviewed Jannie and determined she would be a perfect fit. In the year since, Jannie has exceeded expectations, taking on clerical responsibilities including data entry, payroll and mass mailings.


This is How HireAble Helps Your Business

Working with HireAble has plenty of benefits. During a tryout work period, HireAble will pay the employee’s wages, provide worker’s compensation, and handle all HR concerns. At no time are you obligated to retain the employee if you feel he or she is not able to meet your company’s requirements. If you feel the employee will be a great addition to your organization, you have a vetted candidate to fill your vacant position now or in the future. You have also given a willing individual an opportunity to work toward financial independence.


Make ADonation

Help individuals reconnect with the workforce, re-engage skills employers are looking for, and find the self-confidence to live a more self-sufficient life.